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Call 1-800-358-6389 Why would anyone need Photoshop training? Adobe Photoshop is utilized world wide as a tool for modifying and outputting raster images. A raster image is an image that is done as a “bitmap”, meaning that it is composed of multiple smaller “bits” of color that when seen by the human-eye, appear to be a single image. The image can be altered by skilled graphic designers in subtle but powerful ways, providing corporations with a plethora of customized images suitable for advertisements and photographic publishing. The ease with which a skilled user of Adobe Photoshop can take a “good” image or photo and make it perfect are what makes anyone with expertise in Photoshop a valuable asset to any graphic design or marketing group.

Whether you are a Graphic Artist hoping to add additional flare to your work, a Photographer looking to clean up some digital pictures or an Advertising agent creating your own vision in a marketing campaign, becoming an expert in Adobe Photoshop will give you the edge you need!

Let CBT Direct’s Online Photoshop training teach you how to master the digital arts using this powerful application!

Benefits of CBT Direct’s Online Adobe Photoshop Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online training on the market. With CBT Direct’s online training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Direct’s Adobe Photoshop training course is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct - the most affordable online training solution today.

The unique design of CBT Direct’s Adobe Photoshop course emphasizes learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning. CBT Direct’s online course design begins with the definition of user-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. This effective instruction model for CBT Direct’s Adobe Photoshop training course ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention.

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Who Benefits from CBT Direct’s Adobe Photoshop Training?

Artists, designers and IT professionals looking into Adobe Photoshop training for furthering their skill in graphic design

What Professionals Will Learn from CBT Direct’s Adobe Photoshop Training

The Photoshop training will begin with the basics, demonstrating the types of tasks that Photoshop is suited for and enabling students to distinguish between the file types supported. Students will be shown the main components and how to customize the Photoshop Interface. Users will be taught how to save, make color adjustments, view and resize images and duplicates as well as set up the image for printing. Learners will be instructed in methods of use for Adobe Bridge, as well as methods for color and tonal adjustment, shadow and highlight commands, and appropriate use the basic painting tools.

Those in graphic design will be provided instruction on the use of the lasso and magic wand tools as well as learning how to edit and copy selections. Users will be instructed on the appropriate selection tools to capture and copy specific parts of an image, in addition to learning how to create, manipulate, merge and transform layers and object within layers.

The course will delve into the advanced editing tools of Photoshop, learning to retouch and edit an image using various patterns, effects and gradients. Students will be shown how to manage and manipulate anchor points in a path, in addition to the creation, design and application of various Masks including the features of Quick Mask.

Finally, graphic designers will be instructed in the use of different position tools as they relate to animation and automation. Users will be shown how to add animation as well as being taught to utilize the techniques necessary to create timeline-based animations, paint a frame in a video layer and utilize the 3-D options in Photoshop. In closing, learners will be provided the Photoshop training needed to create slices and interactivity in Photoshop Files, as well as the exportation and merging of images.

Let CBT Direct’s Online Photoshop training show you how to take your graphic designs to the next level using this potent program!

Adobe PhotoShop CS5
This course explores the streamlined Photoshop CS5 interface, including Photoshop's integration with Adobe Bridge and the new Mini Bridge panel, and manipulation tools used to automatically straighten, crop, rotate, and resize images, including a feature that allows you to temporarily rotate the appearance of a photo as you are working on it.

Adobe PhotoShop CS4
The Adobe PhotoShop CS4 online course trains you to use the streamlined Photoshop CS4 interface and Adobe Bridge, and use manipulation tools to straighten, crop, resize, rotate and retouch images. You’ll also learn how to subtly correct photo flaws, adjust an image’s overall color and tonality, use the new Content Aware scaling, create your own images and work with Photoshop filters, layers and blend modes.

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Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS4

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