Finance and Accounting Online Training Courses

When it comes to Finance and Accounting, those in the administrative department canít help but have some interaction with their companyís financial system. This means that having knowledge of business financing and accounting is a key element to the success of a business.

Our online training is an introduction to financial management and business accounting intended for the non-financial manager. Courses offered include: Auditing Essentials and Practical Budgeting Skills for Business. Taking these courses through CBT Direct can make a balanced incoming and outgoing money flow a part of your organization.

CBT Directís Finance and Accounting Solution Areas

Accounting Fundamentals - CBT Direct offers an Accounting Fundamentals training program for individuals serving in an accounting role with no experience in accounting. This self-paced training program is designed to introduce individuals to the essential concepts of Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, and accounting for stock transactions and dividends.

Auditing Essentials - In the global marketplace, businesses and clients use auditing to make sure they produce efficient, reliable and quality financial statements. In order to do this, these professionals need to be comfortable with the concepts and approaches that are involved in executing a proper audit as well as the basic terminology.

Capital Budgeting Essentials - CBT Direct offers a Capital Budgeting Essentials training program for finance and non-finance professionals, functional managers, executives, and any individual serving in key roles involved directly or indirectly with the capital budgetary planning and process. This self-paced training program is designed to introduce individuals to the essential concepts of Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI), and Discounted Payback Period (DPBP).

Finance and Accounting Essentials for non-Finance Professionals - CBT Direct offers a finance and accounting training program for non-finance professionals, who want to gain understanding or refresh their knowledge of financial statements and analysis techniques. This self-paced training program is designed to help non-finance professionals interested in developing essential finance and accounting skills.

Practical Budgeting Skills for Business - Operating business finance for an organization without a properly delineated operating budget can be compared to attempting to shoot a target blindfolded. Although a company might know the direction of the target, without a budget, it must simply firing randomly and hope it hits the bulls-eye. Unfortunately, if a business uses this approach, it will eventually fall victim to business accounting and cash flow problems that will result in its financial instability and eventual downfall.

Benefits of CBT Directís Finance and Accounting Online Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online finance and accounting training on the market. With online training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Directís finance and accounting training courses are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct Ė the most affordable online training solution today.

The unique design of CBT Directís finance and accounting training emphasizes learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning. CBT Directís online course design begins with the definition of user-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. This effective instruction model for CBT Directís finance and accounting training ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention to ensure noticeable results!

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