Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring

Call 1-800-358-6389 This self-paced online training course introduces professionals to the Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring. Recruitment is a complex and important activity for a human resources manager. The interview process is at the center of the recruitment process for most companies, but a successful interview doesnít just happen. They must be planned, each question carefully prepared, and every possible avenue looked into for the best possible candidates. The process must be safe and fair, but in the same instance is time consuming and expensive, with no guarantee of success. It is only through an effective interview and subsequent hiring that human resources can hope to be ahead of the curve, insuring that every interview and new hire is the most effective use of the organizationís time, effort and money.

Now letís assume youíre at the casino and belly up to the blackjack table. After five hands, you have lost each one to the dealer as he flips repeatedly to show 21. Would you keep playing, knowing the odds are against you? Most of us would answer no and cut our losses, however human resources doesnít have this option Ė when the organization fails to meet its workforce requirements , it falls to them to solve the problem quickly and effectively, even when the interviewee has the advantage. CBT Directís HR training for Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring is the method of stacking the odds in your favor in a game where the house has an immediate advantage.

Let CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring training for human resources show you how to insure your organization has a winning hand, and you always have an ace up your sleeve!

Benefits of CBT Directís Online Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online training on the market. With CBT Directís online training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring training course is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct - the most affordable online training solution today.

The unique design of CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring course emphasizes learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning. CBT Directís online course design begins with the definition of user-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. This effective instruction model for CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring training course ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention.

Who Benefits from CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring Training?

Managers, team leaders and human resources professionals seeking HR training for streamlining the process of recruiting, and hiring new employees.

What Professionals Will Learn from CBT Directís Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring Training

Click Here to Request a Quote This self-paced online training course examines the need to create a good job description, based on a thorough job analysis. With this training course, you'll be able to compare the resumes against the requirements in the description and make effective decisions about who should be interviewed. This course describes the key components of job descriptions and using them to screen resumes. Finally, you'll learn how to identify red-flag issues in the resumes you are screening.

Our online training program will identify key issues to consider when preparing to interview. This course describes the importance of determining an interview structure, writing out some questions beforehand, and scheduling the interview effectively. Additionally, students will identify common interviewing errors, and avoiding unfair practices when you interview candidates.
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This self-paced online training course discusses the crucial nature for proper preparation and following some important guidelines when conducting the employment interview. Opening the interview properly and establishing a sound format are key. Students will explore the functions of different question types and styles to use during an interview. Finally, this course describes how to open an interview well, what types of questions to ask, and how to close the interview.

In this training course, you'll discuss behavioral-based interviewing and how using this interviewing style can effectively predict the behavior and performance of a candidate. Students will learn how to develop questions that get candidates to describe how they handled real situations in the past. Additionally, professionals will learn how to ask those questions effectively in an interview.

In closing, human resources professionals will explore the importance of remaining objective when assessing candidates, drawing on job-related data, rather than letting personal biases steer you away from your hiring criteria. This course examines how following a logical system will help you find the candidate that can make a strong contribution to your organization. Finally, this course describes how to evaluate candidates using a structured and objective process, as well, how to effectively check references and make an offer.

Essentials of Interviewing and Hiring

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